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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Install Microsoft Sliverlight Plugin on Safari For MAC

Sliverlight is a browser plugin of free that has to be used for play animations,games and videos..etc. Check out how to install the sliverlight plugin on safari for Mac

Check out the Procedure to install the Microsoft Silverlight Plugin


Download the Plugin- See below

2.Download Manager

The Download manager will open and it takes few minutes

3.Install Software

One dialog box will appear informing you that this package will run a program that determines if the software can be installed.

Click 'Continue'.

4.Plugin Installer

5.Agreement :

Read the License agreement and Click Continue 

6.Select Destination :

Click Continue button

7.Install Type :

Click install Button

8.Authenticate :

Enter your Mac username and password and Click Ok

9.Installing :

The Plugin installed please wait until it finish

10.Install Sliverlight Completed :

Successfully Installed and Click Close

Download Sliverlight Plugin of Mac---CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD