Monday, 7 October 2013


Regarding desktop workstations , there are numerous necessities that shoppers need with your framework. In a perfect world , the business may be in pre-assembled and collected desktop imparting ASUS M51-AC is one of the preparatory table classes from the desktop totally constructed ASUS with their adornments , and don't permit the client to utilize any information of the framework establishment. The client basically unpack the workstation, join a standard link, for example vigor, you can show , I / O , and so on., and the framework is joined and utilized straight . This is a win-win for customers who don't need the harass of selecting and collecting the segments of their desktop as simple for them to simply zakazatgotovye desktop and begin a mark does. 

ASUS M51 AC great as per a simple to actualize and utilize the table. With such a large number of choices available , you have a desktop prequalified something creative to emerge from the swarm, with the goal that you can with different marks and desktop can contend. M51-AC is doing only that with a percentage of the most imaginative and simple to utilize . With respect to the particulars of this desktop , M51-AC is the fourth era incorporates the Intel Core i5 4430 , 4gb of Ddr3 1600 Mhz memory , 1tb HDD, GPU NVIDIA Gt620, Windows 8 and connectivity alternatives in formavstroenny Wi - Fi connector is additionally incorporated. Regarding the matter of new connectivity , M51-AC has two USB 3.0 ports on the front board and in addition two USB 2.0 ports and standard sound jacks , all before the case . At that point the port USB, you can naytiknopku force that imeetkovarnoe outline and some way or another supplements the tabletop suspension. Going to the front of the desktop into a card viewer inlet, which is secured with a designed plate. You can interface different varieties of cards im51 - AC as Compactflash, SD, MMC, MS / PRO. Beneath the card viewer is not for the optical drive , which has a DVD-copying  

ASUS Power Pack: 

ASUS has something under the range of the optical drive narrows , which incorporated a standout amongst the most creative parts of the M51 - AC, which ought to be a wellspring of reinforcement power. Behind an alternate intro page on the control board , ASUS has an inlet that has been explicitly planned because of this, a reinforcement power source power supply or ASUS. In rule , the force supply , so it holds a high limit electric cell inside as the UPS framework works throughout a force blackout that their work before closing down the framework. Not just the force connector serves as a small scale -UPS, yet might be effectively evacuated by nazhatiyaknopki on nebolshoystorone bayou that is out of force. You can dvigatpitaniya and bring it with you wherever you are , since it additionally works kakmobilny bank force, permitting you to head off to revive your portable units, for example Pdas or power supply has an organized surface tablets.the the same as in the front of the case M51-AC. Planned 14.6v or 19900mwh force supply is handy for boots and gives enough squeeze for some positions . Check the agenda of units supporting underneath to perceive how often you can stack a particular gadget. In the event that your telephone or unit is not recorded , don't stress , on the grounds that the force supply accompanies a standard Micro USB link so you can associate and charge most cell phones and tablets accessible in the business sector . 

ASUS Wireless Charger : 

Yes , you read accurately , the remote charger AC - M51 has the right to charge their cell phones that back the standard Qi inductive vigor . ASUS has the upper deck for this remote charging purpose , M51-AC is intended to keep the case at the top cell phones. 

ASUS Smart Cooling: 

M51-AC utilizes an alternate sort of cooling air in the framework , ASUS is called "Smart Cooling System" . Agreeing Asus, this framework diminishes the working temperature in the framework is in the ballpark of 11 degrees Celsius. This cooling framework has a more level commotion level , and it helps keep the framework running quietly . 

This is an extra funktsiyam51 - AC gives clients the adaptability conveyable outside space apparatuses that back the standard USM to guarantee the transmission of the substance of the hard plate on the desktop or on the desktop to drive at a higher speed . USM SATA port gives speedier information exchange rates than USB 3.0, the drive is being used, is perfect with this standard. 

We additionally look nam51 -AC and saw that ASUS has made a great showing of interfacing links and graphed in the right bearing. From the table is minor , no space , both inside to make an incredible showing with link administration , however , M51-AC is not fair terms . It was a standout amongst the most convenient characteristics of the ASUS M51-AC. In the event that you missed our past article on the M51 - AC, you can take a gander at it here. It additionally resembles the first decompress movie and TV. We are attempting to meet their pretest scores and the ASUS for us in the nearing weeks more characteristics of this desktop . So stay tuned .


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